Helping a Fellow Driver Jump Start Their Car

At Younger Volvo Cars Hagerstown, we want to ensure that you can safely jump start another person's car. This info could come in handy if you encounter a fellow driver whose car battery has died.

Once both cars are securely parked near each other, turn off your car. To safely connect your cables, begin at the other car's positive terminal. Connect your positive cable. Now, turn to your car for two connections. Clamp the positive cable to your positive terminal, then connect your negative cable and corresponding terminal.

Carefully handle the last connector. It is live. Don't touch the metal portion. Clamp it to the drained car's negative terminal or to metal on its engine block to minimize sparks. Next, start your car, and rev it for about a minute. You can now try the other car, which may need multiple attempts. If you cannot start the other car, the battery may not be the problem.


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