Drivers, even experienced ones could make mistakes. These mistakes could lead to a car accident and Younger Volvo Cars Hagerstown doesn't want that. This is why it is pushing vehicles like the Volvo V90. The vehicle is stuffed with a lot of features that will make driving in Hagerstown, MD safer.

Safety is Put First

Pedal Release

The brake pedal is designed to move down to the floor in case of a collision. This helps reduce the chances of your foot or leg getting injured by the pedal. The system is activated only when a collision happens, but it's good to know it's there.

Door Illumination

Finding the vehicle's door handle is hard at night when its pitch black, but the Volvo V90 illuminates the door handle and the entire vehicle with a series of lights that turn on when you use your remote to unlock the vehicle.

You'll want to try out these features and more on your test drive after you make the appointment with us.

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